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Recycled Paper
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SF Bay Area

Creative Entreprenuer 

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I am inspired by the belief that my ideas have the power to spark movements and systems greater than myself. And simultaneously that they can easily die inside my head. I look to set myself apart by my actions to keep them alive. 

I have far more ideas than time; so I try to pursue the ones that are good for people, generate wealth and sound like fun. What wakes me up in the morning… is just taking those ideas and making them a thing.  

Ive always been an artist, but I  don’t want to be so attached to the ego of being an artist that I forget why Im making art. I want to stay in love with the thing Im telling and not just in love with the telling itself. That’s what I want my art to be,  just that I take ideas and make them, maybe it will help other people feel like they can make theirs.  

Im gonna do an art show about it, Im giving myself three years, you should come. 

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