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Chicken Wing List

Food Reviews

Trents officially unofficial chicken wing ranking list.





I had an idea,

I wanted to make a list of the best chicken wings in the Bay area.

I consider myself an expert in wings via lived experience. I grew up in upstate New York and Buffalo is obviously where they do it best.

So I made a 30 point rating system. 10 points for style, 10 points for size, and Lastly 10 points for flavor, you can read all my rating guidelines in the description.

Then I ate wings, lots of wings, so many wings and compiled a list of them. Download my ranked list in the bio….tag your favorite wing spot, recommend me places to try.

I love wings and i just wanted to go for it just because A ranked list of the best chicken wings in the Bay Area.

Sometimes the ideas are not that deep, however, this one is near to my heart...
You can find the officially unofficial list linked here...

Honestly, Your welcome,

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