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I had an idea podcast

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October 2023




I had an idea notebook

A audio and video podcast about ideas and the people doing them.

Welcome to "I had an Idea Podcast"

He heres it works, you listen we talk. We know you are busy and you don’t owe us your time. So we are gonna keep things short. No fluff.
Buckle up and prepare to be enlightened, entertained and energized. Joining me your host Trent Thompson are people who not only have idea but do them. Because the value of an idea lies in the using of it. We start with a segment called Brag/ AKA give yourself flowers, Aka talk your shit, aka who even are you. The guest has a chance to write there own intro and convince you why the rest if this is worth listening too.

While they do that. Heres the ground rules. We do 3-5 minute segments. An idea you’ve done. One that didnt work, and one your doing now. When we we hit the time. The lights go on, we are in the red zone and its time to move on!

If you want to support. I’ve partnered up with Soothi to make the “I HAD AN IDEA NOTEBOOK” so when you have an idea of your own you dont forget to write it down.

Welcome to the Podcast

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